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Creator: Graaff, Rinus de (Photographer)

Date: 2022


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Rinus de Graaff a nace 26 di September 1936 na Amsteram, Hulanda. For di su hubentud e tabata interesa den fotografia y cu su prome camera, un "Agfa Clack", el a cuminsa saca potret.
Na 1959 Rinus a bin Aruba pa traha na Aruba Drukkerij NV y te ainda e ta biba na Aruba. Despues di algun tempo el a cumpra un miho camera y a cuminsa laba y print su potretnan e mes. Esey nan tabata potret preto cu blanco.
Despues di algun tempo el a bira miembro di Aruba Camera Club. Tur luna e miembronan tabata haya un tema pa saca potret, p.e. di naturalesa, arquitectura, lama y otro. Durante nan reunionnan mensual e miembronan tabata discuti e potretnan cu nan a saca e luna ey. Ademas nan tabata organisa exposicion di e obranan di e miembronan.
Durante basta tempo el a aporta cu hopi potret na Skol i Komunidat, e revista di SIMAR. Y durante diferente hopi anja el a saca pasfoto y tabata laba y printnan ( 36 foto riba un rol) di e alumnonan di Colegio Arubano.
Banda di saca potret preto cu blanco Rinus a cuminsa saca slides di naturaleza y su vakantie. Ora e periodo digital a haci su entrada na Aruba, Rinus a cumpra un camera digital y cuminsa saca potret digital, canando den cunucu cu un amigo fotografo y tambe durante su vakantie.
Durante mas cu 50 anja Rinus a saca miles di potret full rond di Aruba.

Rinus de Graaff was born on September 26th, 1936 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. From a young age he had always been interested in photography, and he started taking pictures as soon as he got his first camera, an "Agfa Clack".
In 1959 Rinus moved to Aruba to work for the Aruba Drukkerij NV and he still lives here to this day. He bought a better camera and started developing and printing his own pictures in black-and-white.
After some years he joined the Aruba Camera Club. Every month the members would take pictures of nature, architecture, the sea or other subjects and would discuss their works during their monthly meetings. They also organized expositions to exhibit their work.
For many years he contributed a lot of his photographs to Skol i Komunidat, the periodical of SIMAR and would take passport photographs, which he would develop and print himself (36 pictures on a rol), of the students of Colegio Arubano.
Besides his black-and-white photographs he started taking slides of nature and his vacations. As soon as the digital age made it's introduction on Aruba he bought a digital camera and would take many pictures during his walks in the Aruban cunucu together with a friend.
In over 50 years Rinus took thousands of pictures all around Aruba.

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