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Date: 2022-08-11

Language: English  


Advisory Report Regarding the Safeguarding, Digitizing and Digital Accessibility of the (Historical) Archival Materials of Saint Martin/ Sint Maarten

A report performed by the section Archive Preservation and Management of the National Archives of Aruba (ANA) on request of the Government of St. Maarten

On behalf of the National Archives of Aruba, as director I would like to thank first the Government of St. Maarten, the Department of Communication (DCOMM) and the Department of Records & Information Management (DRIM) for confidence placed in our institution for realizing this report for our sister institutions. We are extremely honored to have the opportunity given to us, to share information about our digitization strategy and digital project execution at the National Archives of Aruba.

Secondly on behalf of Mr. Melvin Kock, I would like to thank Mr. Maurice Lake of the DCOMM and Mrs. Ingrid Gumbs-Arrindel of the DRIM and their personnel for the warm reception upon his arrival in Sint Maarten and the assistance he received in preparing this document.

Also, I want to thank our Minister of Culture Mrs. Xiomara Maduro for giving us the opportunity to realize the request made upon our institution and by this emphasize our endeavors to increase cooperation between our institutions in this part of the Kingdom.

We acknowledge the fact, that as small island states, we have common problems and limitations (lack of equipment, personnel and funding) regarding the new digital era. But with the necessary creativity and cooperation, we can work towards practical solutions to be in the running and making information more accessible in this evolving technological world.

I want to thank also my colleagues of my staff, Mr. Melvin Kock, Mr. Edric Croes, Mrs. Shakira Croes and Mr. Johny van Eerden, for the compilation and correction of this report.

And finally, I wish to acknowledge the efforts of our friend, the late Mr. Alfonso Blijden for recommending the National Archives of Aruba for this job. This advisory report is our tribute to our great and dear friend Alfonso.

drs. Raymond Hernandez
Director Archivo Nacional Aruba


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