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Creator: Tico Kuiperi

Date: 1982-09-05

Language: papiamento  


Showtime: Show musical y cultural

Programa di "SHOWTIME" September 5, 1982 
1 - Act: Musical Time - Lorraine (Teddy Philips)
2 - Act: Musical Time - One Draw (Claudius Philips)
3 - Com: Heineken - White Westinghouse - Kong Hing Supermarket - National
4 - Act: Musical Time - Amor Verdadero (Doedel Sophia)
5 - Com: Revlon - Playboy Night Club - Amistad Catering - Taster's Choice
6 - Act: King Obstinate (Cu Musical Time) - Got A Little Something For You
7 - Act: King Obstinate (Cu Musical Time) - Netherlands Antilles
8 - Com: Richmond - Kentucky Fried Chicken - Match Light - Foto Retina
9 - Act: King Obstinate (Cu Musical Time) - Elephant Walk
10 - Com: Pine Sol - ATC Car Co. - Pif Paf - Revlon
11 - Act: Sharon Rose - Blue Moon
12 - Com: Chablis Blanc - Leon Battery - Syfo Water - Fresca Dishwashing Liquid
13 - Act: Sharon Rose - Danny Boy
14 - ...... Clausura 


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