Coleccion Aruba > Biblioteca Nacional Aruba > Grupo Folklorico Arubano - Dera Gay (1967) (Grupo Folklorico Arubano; Debrot, Raymundo; Tromp, Ito)
Biblioteca Nacional Aruba
Creator: Grupo Folklorico Arubano Debrot, Raymundo Tromp, Ito

Date: 1967


BNA Audiovisual Collection, Coleccion Raymundo Debrot

Grupo Folklorico Arubano - Dera Gay

Filmed/produced by Raymundo Debrot and Ito Tromp
Narrated (in Dutch) by Raymundo Debrot
"Muziek Aruba 1967", Gefilmd voor Sociologie-project Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, 1967

Courtesy of Biblioteca Nacional Aruba, the National Library of Aruba.

Published online by Biblioteca Nacional Aruba  with the creators' permission. All rights remain reserved by the creators and performer(s).

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