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Biblioteca Nacional Aruba
Creator: Morris, Nelson

Date: 1944-05


Caption: CAT Cracker.
Photographer: Nelson Morris (Standard Oil Company of New Jersey)
April-May 1944
1 b&w photograph; 8.61 x 11.97 cm.
Part of the LAGO Picture Collection

Courtesy of Biblioteca Nacional Aruba, the National Library of Aruba.
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See also Aruba Esso News July 21, 1944, p. 6. ./?BNA-DIG-ESSONEWS-1944-07-21/page/n5. English: "War Need Rushes Cat Cracker Turnaround. Strongly resembling a busy anthill from as many as 500 men working on it in a single 24-hour period, Lago's Cat Cracker was 'turned around' in 14 days last month, a total of 61,00 man-hours. The job was very much rushed since it fell within the 60-day period when military officials said the need for gasoline would be most critical. The repairs followed a record-making performance of exactly six months of continuous operation, the longest initial run of any cat cracker"

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