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Creator: Lloyd, Richard Bateman

Date: 1815


Coleccion Arubiana-Caribiana, Biblioteca Nacional Aruba

"Aruba 1815" depicting view of Paardenbaai harbour and its houses (the "village at the bay" was later named "Oranjestad") 
R. B. Lloyd fecit
Richard Bateman Lloyd
watercolour painting (reproduction, 42x29,5cm)

Zie ook het verslag: "Aruba in 1816"

Courtesy of Biblioteca Nacional Aruba, the National Library of Aruba.

Aruba 1815

1. Entrance of Harbour
2. West Passage
3. Fort
4. Barracks
5. Commandant's House
6. Commandeur's House
7. Widow Vanderbiest's do. (ditto)
8. Widow Quant's do.
9. Isaac Penso's do.
10. Saul Pardo's do.
11. Solagnier's do. (Michel Benoit Solagnier, b. 1754, d. 1831)
12. Jean Oduber's do.
13. Cornelis Specht's do.
14. La Ros's do.
15. Bruintje Quant's do. (Bruin Govertz Quant, geb. 1761)
16. Searcher's office
17. Searcher's House J. Cantfort (James Cantfort)
18. Independent Ship Amistad Captained by do. (James Cantfort)

R.B. Lloyd Fecit

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