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Fundacion 1403

Date:  [1903]

Figuur - 3D Scan
Omschrijving NMVW:
Verwerving (NMVW): Overdracht, 1903-10-01 (Van Koolwijk)
Dimensions: 9,4 x 7,3 x 4,6 cm
Collectie Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen, objectnummer RV-1403-51

3D Scan uitgevoerd door Metabolic Foundation (Aruba) in opdracht van Fundacion 1403 (Aruba)


Examples of our rich Amerindian heritage dating from 1000 B.C. (Pre-ceramic skull) to the late 19th Century (decorated calabash vessels).
Ehempelnan di e rikesa di nos herencia Indjan cu ta data for di 1000 A.D. (carpachi Pre-ceramico) te cu final di siglo 19 (calbasnan decora).

Museum Goes Tech

The application of technology to further record, research and present archaeological heritage is widespread. One such technological application is the use of 3D scanning, digitizing and printing of museum artifacts.

Fundacion 1403, in an effort to both promote this and other research and presentation methods amongst Aruban institutions, partnered with the National Archeological Museum Aruba (NAMA), Brenchie's Lab, UNOCA, and Nexus 1492 to develop the project Museum Goes Tech.

Seven artifacts from the collection of the NAMA were scanned, and this data was digitized by Brenchie's Lab in the pilot phase of the project. Most of the objects will be 3D printed in the period ahead. For this pilot phase of the project four objects retrieved by Father Van Koolwijk in Aruba in the 1880s, on loan at the NAMA from the Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, were scanned. They are a symbolic reminder of the creative, aesthetic and universal value of our Amerindian heritage, acknowledged by this Dutch priest more than 130 years ago.

The materials resulting from this project will be used to make the Aruban Amerindian heritage more accessible to the public and to researchers alike.

Museum Goes Tech

E aplicacion di tecnologia pa fomenta documentacion, investigacion y presentacion di herencia arkeologico ta extenso. Un aplicacion tecnologico asina ta e uso di sondeo, digitalisa y imprenta 3D.

Fundacion 1403, den un esfuerso pa promove tecnologianan moderno di investigacion y presentacion den institucionnan Arubano, a colabora cu Museo Arqueologico Nacional Aruba (MANA), Brenchie's Lab, UNOCA y Nexus 1492 pa desaroya e proyecto Museum goes Tech.

Shete artefacto for di e coleccion di MANA a ser sondea y e data di esaki a ser digitalisa dor di Brenchie's Lab den e fase piloto di e proyecto. E mayoria di nan lo ser imprimi den 3D den e periodo nos dilanti. Pa e fase piloto aki 4 obheto colecta pa pastoor Van Koolwijk na Aruba durante añanan 1880, den prestamo na MANA for di Museo di Etnologia na Leiden, a ser sondea. Nan ta un recuerdo simbolico di e balor creativo, estetico y universal di nos herencia Indjan, reconoci pa e pastor mas di 130 aña pasa.

E material cu ta resultado di e proyecto aki lo ser usa pa haci e herencia Indjan di Aruba mas acesibel pa publico y investigadornan.


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