Coleccion Aruba showcased on PBS Newshour

PBS, the US national public broadcast, interviewed Mr. Peter Scholing of the National Library of ArubaLesa mas

Coleccion Aruba: Intersectoral collaboration

The plan to make Aruba’s historical and cultural materials available digitally began before the…read more

Database of enslaved people on Aruba

On Friday, June 30th 2023, the National Archives of Aruba and the National Library of Aruba published…Read more

A map of Oranjestad from 1910 

This map of Oranjestad was drawn by Mr. Richard Johannes Beaujon Jr…read more

Lt. governor Simon Plats Notebook, 1827

Simon Plats was a Dutch Lt. Governor on Aruba who arrived and was installed…read more

Shark fishing at Boca Mahos 

Boca Mahos, translated in English “Ugly Bay”, is where the harbor’s waste…read more

Huisje Wild, Schelpstraat 12

The Wild family bought “House Wild”, situated at Schelpstraat 12…Read more

Regina Jacomina Croes’ Poetry Album

June 4th 2015 Mrs. Ellen Henriquez and Mrs. Diandra Alders donated a poetry album…Read More