Coleccion Aruba showcased on PBS Newshour


In the month of May, PBS, the US national public broadcast, interviewed Mr. Peter Scholing of the National Library of Aruba about the Coleccion Aruba initiative, for a segment about digitization, island states and the effects of climate change, asking the question: “How do these island safeguard and provide access to their collections that are extremely important for the preservation of the history, culture and identity of the islands?” Apart from mr. Scholing PBS also interviewed Dr. Adi Martis, an Aruban historian living in the Netherlands.

The segment, which aired  on July 7, 2024, as part of the PBS News Weekend programme, focused on two island nations: Tuvalu (in Polynesia) with the Tuvalu Digital Nation initiative, and Aruba, with Coleccion Aruba.

Follow the link to read more of the segment on the PBS website: -history, or watch the item via Youtube below: